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We are delighted to have this opportunity to announce that we now are able to offer specialist independent advice on the Spanish Property Market. Our fluent Spanish speakers will carry out all property negotiations in Spanish, including with vendors, lawyers, banks etc.

Yes, Spain like many other countries has suffered financial problems. So, has the UK, but people in the UK have not stopped buying properties here and the same is true in Spain. One of the problems has been the insistence of much of the UK media to talk down the potential in Spain, at just the time when other foreign buyers have poured millions of euros into this market.

Spain has re-emerged as a major force in the overseas market. A mixture of:

  • Availability of high quality properties
  • Bargain prices with discounts up to 70%
  • Option to purchase both traditional and ultra-modern designs
  • Recognition by foreign investors that Spain is again a sound location for their investment into property, whether personal or commercial

Property prices in Spain have changed substantially over the last few years but this is good news for those who are committed to buying now. There are still good quality properties at a bargain price if you know where to look. Some have experienced a reduction of as much as 70%. Houses at these discounted prices are disappearing rapidly and good quality stock isn’t as abundant as is generally perceived (especially as other nationalities realised some time ago what has been happening and have jumped in already!!).

Will those prices go down even lower? On the quality properties, probably not, as already prices of certain types of properties are beginning to rise again.

You may have heard many times that there is a glut of unsold properties in Spain but much of this is sub-standard and will remain unsold for many years.

Remember, poor quality properties in unattractive locations will always be just that – they don’t suddenly change just because they’re cheap! Whilst this happens, what happens to the good stuff? Frankly, a lot of it goes or has gone!

Unfortunately, anyone looking for the perfect time to buy (or sell!) will probably miss out in any market.

So, to take advantage of bargain prices on quality homes BUYERS SHOULD ACT QUICKLY

But where to go for advice?

The Internet can give you some ideas of the types of property available in different locations. As a starting point, if you have the time, it can be an interesting way of looking at property.

The problem comes when you want to look into the market in more depth. This is when speaking to someone who can answer specific questions in an informed and well-balanced manner becomes essential.

We will be delighted to carry out this role with you to help you in your decision-making process towards the purchase of your Spanish property.

Go Direct Lettings & Sales in Altrincham & Sale, is pleased to be in collaboration with Pinto International. Pinto is a privately-owned independent company with over 35 years’ experience of working with the Spanish market.

Keith Grainger, the Director of Pinto International, is a fluent Spanish speaker and writer which means all negotiations for our clients are carried out in Spanish. Pinto prides itself on their attention to detail and personal service from choosing property through to completion of purchase.

Go Direct Lettings & Sales in Altrincham & Sale in association with Pinto International have an extensive selection of properties on offer on the Spanish Mainland and associated islands:

  • On the coast, inland and mountain regions
  • Rural areas, traditional villages, towns and cities.
  • Be it for a second home, holiday let or permanent residence.
  • We can offer high-quality apartments, townhouses and villas (both ultra- modern and traditional designs)
  • Individual plots of land are available on which a property of your own design can be built.
  • We are able to offer a wide range of property types to suit your needs and budget.
  • Many properties are available only through us.
  • We are also able to property search if you have special requests.
  • We deal with all aspects of the purchase on your behalf including negotiations with the vendors, lawyers, banks etc. All the lawyers we recommend are fully-qualified in Spanish Property Law.

We also offer a full after-sales service and are happy to continue advising you in the future. All enquiries are handled personally by our own staff.

We aim to offer you peace of mind whatever your reason for buying a Spanish Property.




  • Properties from 40,000 – 1,000,000 + euros
  • Ultra-modern and traditional designs available
  • Properties and developments of the highest quality
  • Many properties are only available through us
  • Big discounts, some over 60% of the original price
  • Mortgages up to 115% (subject to status)
  • Present interest rates from 1.0% per annum first year (subject to status)
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