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Rent Paid Service

At Go Direct Lettings, we are aware that the main concern for landlords is rent arrears and late payments, which can also lead to potential expensive legal costs and an interruption of cash flow. Go Direct Lettings can take this worry away from you, guaranteeing your rent on time, every time!!!

Our Rent Paid Service does exactly what it says; It provides you with peace of mind, it pays your rent on the rent due date regardless of whether the tenant pays or not. It also guarantees seamless cash flow on your property portfolio as it will pay the rent on time, every time, even if your tenant defaults! You can rest assured in the knowledge that your monthly rental payments are guaranteed and fully safeguarded.

Not only providing financial security, our Rent Paid product also offers you:

  • Ultimate Referencing of all tenants
  • Continued FULL rental income during the eviction process
  • Full Legal Expenses Cover
  • ALL legal actions handled by our experienced staff for disputes/evictions
  • No Excess or delays in payment
  • Deposit Management
  • Go Direct Lettings will handle all communication with tenants regarding rents
  • No Excess or delays in payment
  • Available to new & existing tenants

Go Direct Lettings will handle all communications with the tenant and any dispute resolution costs including securing court orders where necessary, all fully covered by Go Direct Lettings under the terms of your ‘Rent Paid Product. While we handle such issues for you, your guaranteed rental income continues to accumulate on time, every time.

Please call us, if you would like to discuss how we can help you, our expert staff will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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