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Moving In

Once we have received your references back and your application has been approved, we will arrange a convenient time for you to come into the office to sign the tenancy agreement, terms of occupancy and standing order for all future payments, as well as pay your deposit and first month’s rent in advance.

To protect your interests our tenancies are generally offered on a six months basis (AST) Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, as we need to make sure you are settled and comfortable in your new home and complying with the terms before extending it further. However, we are happy to discuss extended terms, subject to your needs and indeed extending it at the end of the first term, subject to the above.

All rents are paid on a “one month in advance” basis and must be maintained as such, although we will consider an application supported by Housing Benefit, now known as Local Housing Allowance, and in some cases now being rolled out as Universal Credit.

It has to be clear that the rent agreement is with you and it is you who is responsible to pay the rent, not the Benefits office.

If there are any issues with your application you can support it by nominating a third-party guarantor who must be a home-owner, or in some circumstances if the guarantor is in full time employment this may be acceptable. There will be an additional fee if you are in need of a guarantor.

Property Check-in process

At this point we will need to go through a check-in list and hand-over process. This hand over will take approximately an hour.

We will:

  • Read the Gas, Electricity and Water meters
  • Check the inventory and record any defects
  • Make sure you know how to secure the property
  • Ensure you know how to work the appliances
  • Communicate any additional requirements

Our team member will leave you a copy of the Tenancy Agreement, Gas Safety Record, EPC, Inventory, How to Rent Guide and of course a full set of working keys.