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Category Archive: Landlords Home / Are You Guilty Of Indirect Sex Discrimination?

Are You Guilty Of Indirect Sex Discrimination?

Important development which should be taken seriously by all Agents and Landlords We are urging all agents and landlords to consider whether they are guilty of indirect sex discrimination. It was announced on 26 February 2018 that single mother Rosie Keogh has won compensation for sex discrimination from a letting agency that refused to consider her as a...

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Do You Serve Gas Safety Certificates Before Occupation?

  You Must Get it RIGHT or any subsequent possession application will FAIL! This follows a recent county court decision relating to Section 21. “The decision serves to remind Landlords of the importance of serving tenants with deposit registration details, an EPC certificate, the latest version of the MHCLG How to Rent guide, any relevant licences and a...

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Landlords Newsletter

Landlords: Could you afford a court case brought by your tenant?     In these times of Litigation. “Can I get some money out of it”? Do we need to be covered The New Year has brought with it a raft of new lettings legislation – All of which could hit landlords in the pocket. We are urging...

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Landlords: Who’s in your house!

Airbnb’s launch in 2008 literally turned the travel industry upside down with its innovative idea of people renting out spare rooms to holidaymakers/travellers. The concept is not something new and for many years people have offered out their spare rooms to friends and family when travelling. Airbnb was just clever enough to see the demand for this type...

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When does a portfolio become a business?

In the UK, surveys continue to suggest that the British buy-to-let market shows no signs of slowing down. In no uncertain terms, the UK’s private rental sector is thriving. As first time buyers continue to find themselves frozen out of the market, 56% of landlords attributed their decision to consciously acquire investment property to the sheer demand in...

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Landlords: what are the major points and mistakes when going it alone?

Choice of tenant and cashflow Well after near 30  years’ experience I can truly say it all boils down to a couple of minor issues. Choosing your tenant The number 1 issue is the  “Choice of tenant” the landlord selection of tenant is the main and major failing and it has nothing to do with the applicants job...

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