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Are You Guilty Of Indirect Sex Discrimination?

Important development which should be taken seriously by all Agents and Landlords We are urging all agents and landlords to consider whether they are guilty of indirect sex discrimination. It was announced on 26 February 2018 that single mother Rosie Keogh has won compensation for sex discrimination from a letting agency that refused to consider her as a...

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Landlords Newsletter

Landlords: Could you afford a court case brought by your tenant?     In these times of Litigation. “Can I get some money out of it”? Do we need to be covered The New Year has brought with it a raft of new lettings legislation – All of which could hit landlords in the pocket. We are urging...

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November 2015 Newsletter – Property Investment Good or Bad?

I’ve been around the 'property game' now for longer than I care to recall, having bought my first properties in the mid 80’s “but I wish I knew then what I know now!” I was extremely lucky actually as I bought three houses converted into 10 flats, for £10,000, so equating to £1000 each; just after completion I was contacted by...

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Go Direct Lettings September 2015 Newsletter

Are You Looking to Join the Rental Revolution? Lets consider a couple of important issues first. According to the latest Bank of England figures, the huge hike in buy-to-let landlords in the UK has led to a massive mortgage debt of £200bn to fund their property investments. This staggering figure has grown from around £10bn in 2000 and...

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