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When does a portfolio become a business?

In the UK, surveys continue to suggest that the British buy-to-let market shows no signs of slowing down. In no uncertain terms, the UK’s private rental sector is thriving. As first time buyers continue to find themselves frozen out of the market, 56% of landlords attributed their decision to consciously acquire investment property to the sheer demand in...

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What to spend your pension on

In April this year there was an important legislation change allowing full access to pensions from the age of 55. You may remember the media noise surrounding this at the time Now the dust has settled on the news story, let’s have a look at some practical ways to invest. Business You’ve dreamed of retirement, but now it’s...

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Landlords: what are the major points and mistakes when going it alone?

Choice of tenant and cashflow Well after near 30  years’ experience I can truly say it all boils down to a couple of minor issues. Choosing your tenant The number 1 issue is the  “Choice of tenant” the landlord selection of tenant is the main and major failing and it has nothing to do with the applicants job...

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