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Predictions Best Investment Opportunities 2016

If you’re hoping to invest some money in the coming year then you’re probably wondering which opportunities will bring the best return on investment and the most security. Here are some ideas and suggestions…


It’s a sellers’ market for property in the UK at the moment, not just in hotspots like London but also around the rest of the country – with many more people looking to buy or rent than there are looking to sell, prices are being driven up, which is great news for those looking for buy-to-let opportunities.

2016 is going to be a real sweet spot for property investors, as many incoming changes to rules and regulations won’t have taken affect yet, but the market remains strong and there is no danger of running out of buyers or renters any time soon.


If you want to invest in a company then you need to be careful – these are turbulent times, after-all – but play your cards right and it can be a lucrative option. Next-big-thing start ups offer huge risk with the possibility of enormous reward if they pull it off, but a more secure option is to choose a tried-and-tested company that have a proven track record and great estimates for growth.


Art is another high risk strategy, not least because it’s so subjective – here, more than anywhere else, you will have to conduct a wealth of research if you want to get it right. That said, this also has the opportunity to produce very high returns if you have the eye for a popular piece, as the market has been enjoying a boom throughout 2015.

Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds are unlikely to give you an enormous return that sees you creating your fortune, but they can offer a little more security than wildly fluctuating markets such as art and other luxury goods. This is the investment choice for people who wan’t to add a back-up option to their portfolio.

However you choose to invest, do your research and keep your wits about you to ensure that you make a smart choice – good luck!

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